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Care and handling guideline

Planter Care and Handling Guide

Wondering how to properly take care your Hudson + Oak planter? We answer all of your questions below.

If we didn't answer any of your questions, send us an email at and we will get back to you!

What are your handling conditions? 

We guarantee the quality of our planters in regular handling conditions, this includes: watering, careful transportation, room to room moving and re-potting. We guarantee the quality of our planters in these conditions.

Should I be fake potting in my H + O planter?

Yes, this is what we 100% recommend for your plant. Okay, so fake potting means that you place your plastic nursery pot inside one of our planters. You do not actually plant your plant inside our planter. The reason we highly recommend this is for a few reasons a). easier to water b). to rinse/bath your plant (they need showers too!) c). you avoid root rot altogether. This process allows you to better water your plant without over watering it. As well as many species of plants prefer to be root bound (tight) such as our dear friend the fiddle leaf fig, so having them in their nursery pot ensures a healthy and happy life. One thing to note is that when it does come time during spring to re-pot, you simply re-pot into a 2" larger plastic nursery pot, place it back into your Hudson + Oak planter and viola, you have a happy and healthy plant in it's A + planter!

What type of soil should I use?

You must use proper soil if you are planting your plant directly inside our planter. This is not recommended by us, but hey, it's your planter so do as you wish! Purchase the proper potting soil at your local nursery as this will avoid structural damage to your planter. Ask your gardening professional for which indoor plant specific soil to use.

Is my planter drop/shatter proof?

Nope! We do not guarantee that if our planters are dropped that it will remain in good condition. Dropping the planter can result in cracking to the protective layer of the planter and chipping the paint.

What weather conditions are your planters rated to?

Our planters are rated up to -20 C / -4 F.

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