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Our Favourite Interior Design Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are a great way to elevate your home’s interior. The subject matter of a coffee table book can range from architecture and design to a large variety of other topics. Due to their array of content this also makes them a marvellous classic gift. We rounded up a few of our favorites to give you plenty of options for every taste. 

Spring 2022 Editor Spring Picks

There is something about Spring this year that just hits differently. I have way more focus on all the new greens popping up, as this Spring it feels as if it is the fresh start that we all have been waiting for, for over two years. I’ve rounded up all...

Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

We’re back with another holiday round up! We have some new favourites this year as well as some returning holy grails that we just can't get enough of. Spread the love this season while supporting some amazing small women owned businesses!

Summer 2021 Picks

We've narrowed down 15 of our favourites to get you into the swing of summer! Home decor, beach items, apothecary, we've included a little bit of everything. :)

11 Kitchen Organization Hacks

Sarah is letting you in on some of her secrets for a minimalist home while keeping style and functionality in mind. Here are 11 of the best tools to maximize space and use your kitchen to its fullest.

Clean Tableware You Can Trust

 It isn’t news that ceramics and dishes can potentially be harmful. This is something we kept in mind when creating our tableware collection, prioritizing health & safety while staying design- forward. 

5 Sustainable Canadian Brands to Have in Your Kitchen

If you haven’t heard, sustainability is in. It can be intimidating making the switch from single- use products that we all grew up using, from the ease of cling wrap to sandwich bags, sponges and silicone, to compostable and recyclable materials but we’re here to help. We’ve narrowed down 5...

Indoor Olive Tree Plant Care

Move over fiddle leaf fig, there is a new must have plant in the design world, and yes to all our surprise you can grow a olive tree inside. Olive trees are popping up everywhere.

Euphorbia Ingens Cactus Care

The Euphorbia Ingens is as seen in every Joshua tree home's. It's nickname is the cowboy cactus and good luck cactus, and believe it or not if you get the right lighting they make for a super simple and easy cactus/succulent to take care of.  You add this into any room and...

Rubber Tree Plant Care

The rubber tree oh what a gem! It is the easiest of the ficus trifecta to maintain and keep alive! I feel like the rubber tree aka ficus elastica doesn't get the attention it deserves, so here she goes getting all then attention in this post! I had the pleasure...

Majesty Palm Plant Care

The majesty palm is the epitome of tropical. Adding a palm to any room in your house instantly transforms it. Simple, easy to care for will bring that tropical and green touch to your home.  Water: The palm needs it's soil to be constantly moist. This is the key to keeping...

Snake Plant (Sansevieria) Care

The snake plant instantly became one of my fav plants. The ease of care, their bright green leaves, and air purifying characteristics is a huge win in my books. I own two in my home, which you see in photos quite often. There are many varieties of the snake plant, the...

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Care

When I first laid my eyes on a fiddle leaf fig, I was in legit shock. The detail on each and every leaf is absolutely incredible and so delicate. What I love most about the fiddle leaf, is how they can change any room that they are placed in. Their...

Birds of Paradise Plant Care

When I think of the birds of paradise, California, Hawaii and Singapore come to mind. The BOP is the definition of tropical. With their big, luscious large green leaves they add the perfect addition to any room that is in need of a tropical "vibe." Providing a instant transformation. Easy...

ZZ Plant Care | Low Maintenance Plants | Vancouver

The ZZ plant aka Zanzibar plant aka Zamioculcas Zamifolia, is easily one of our favourites. When looking at one you'll notice their shiny, glossy and deep green small leaves can often be mistaken for being fake. We kid you not this plant is "nearly" indestructible. Making the ZZ plant a real winner...

Monstera Plant Care

The Monstera Deliciosa plant is hands down a statement plant. If you are really looking for an indoor jungle, this should be number one on your list to add to your home. Their iconic spilt leaves are so freaking pretty and with their ability for easy growth, they really add...