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11 Kitchen Organization Hacks

Sarah is letting you in on some of her secrets for a minimalist home while keeping style and functionality in mind. Here are 11 of the best tools to maximize space and use your kitchen to its fullest.

Dish Riser

Get the most out of your cupboard space with these sleek dish risers made of steel with wood tops. Stack plates on top, bowls below and minimize damage to your tableware while keeping everything neat and tidy. 

Handle Storage Basket

Match your dish risers with these handled storage baskets! These are great for baking goods, tea towels, or snack stash. ;)


Caraway Home Cookware Set & Storage 

Sarah swears by her Caraway Home Cookware set because of its non- toxic material, quality and overall beautiful design! The set comes with magnetic holders to keep your pans organized and separate as well as a canvas lid holder that is the perfect size for the inside of a cupboard door. They also come in 4 gorgeous colours. 

Food Container Storage Set

The ultimate tool for a minimalist kitchen. Reduce your waste and clutter with these food storage containers that have airtight locking lids, are BPA free and are dishwasher and microwave safe. These come with 7 different sizes for whatever you need and they’re on sale! Yes, yes, yes. 

Pantry Storage Labels

The Wayfair storage containers come with generic labels but we love the look of these, clean, simplistic and streamlined! 

Metal Storage Baskets

Need we say more?

In-Drawer Knife Block

The cutlery drawer can get a little crazy. This in- drawer knife block is a smart way to keep things organized and preserve your knives while keeping your countertops clean! Bamboo is also an eco friendly option and looks great. 

Spice Jars

Ahh, matching spice jars. Organization heaven! The Etsy food labels also fit perfectly on these glass jars. 

2 pack Lazy Susan 

We really thought of everything. These turntables are the solution to loose jars, sauces and other cooking items in your cupboards. They’re non-stick, easy to clean and efficient. 

Cabinet Riser

This is for those deep cabinets where you’re reaching to the very back in search for that one ingredient! This 3- tier riser is perfect for those new spice jars.

Sonos Shelf

Last, but definitely not least. A speaker in your kitchen is a necessity and this little shelf along with it. It’s efficient, well designed and frees up your counter space! Also the right size for a diffuser.  

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