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5 Sustainable Canadian Brands to Have in Your Kitchen

If you haven’t heard, sustainability is in. It can be intimidating making the switch from single- use products that we all grew up using, from the ease of cling wrap to sandwich bags, sponges and silicone, to compostable and recyclable materials but we’re here to help. We’ve narrowed down 5 Canadian companies to kick start your love for a sustainable lifestyle with products that are good for you, your wallet and the earth while keeping style in mind.


Nature Bee Wraps

This is probably the easiest and most efficient way to reduce waste in your kitchen. Kick single- use plastics to the curb with these cotton/ beeswax wraps. They’re reusable for up to a year, keep your food fresh and look dang cute in the fridge.


The Bare Home

Cut out generic dish soap from your shopping list and switch to solid. This dish soap bar will last longer and is 0 waste! Paired with the wood dish scrubber you will be saving the earth from harmful plastic sponges, and saving yourself from bacterial growth in your sponge. The Bare Home also carries a range of other natural cleaning products that are refillable making sustainability easier than ever.  



 This female owned company out of Winnipeg specializes in blown glass home wares and everyone needs these colored straws! They’re durable, easy to clean and super cute.


Net Zero Cotton Produce Bags

Say goodbye to plastic clutter and packaging! These 100% cotton drawstring bags are made right here in Vancouver, BC and are great for produce, herbs, nuts or whatever else you crave, from garden to the grocery store.


Prairie Minimalist

While paper towels are biodegradable and a kitchen staple, when you think bigger you will realize the harm they are doing to the planet. It takes trees, water, chemicals and electricity to produce paper towels and it is done in mass amounts, every day. Reduce deforestation and pollution with a cotton alternative. These unbleached cotton flannel cloths are great for spills, dusting, napkins and are super absorbent!

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