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Indoor Olive Tree Plant Care

Move over fiddle leaf fig, there is a new must have plant in the design world, and yes to all our surprise you can grow a olive tree inside. Olive trees are popping up everywhere. Well it's no surprise with their light, sage-coloured foliage, fit in modern home decors so well! The olive tree has a certain sophistication that no other plant has. 

Water: This is the most important tip when taking care of your olive tree, and it is something that I have learnt from trail and error. Keep up on your watering schedule religiously, or else you will notice a drop in their leaves. I noticed my olive tree starting to drop leaves, then once I watering it more frequently it stopped. 

Light: Olive trees need bright indirect light. What the heck does that mean? This spot in your home is usually south facing or west facing. No light directly on their leaves, because they can burn them! Right beside a window but not directly in it. They hate drafts, so keep your olive tree far away from any hot heat directly, as that can cause them to loose their leaves.  

Humidity: Olive trees since they are native to the Mediterranean, are suited to drier weather, so the temperature in your home will suit them. So no need to mist them, like most of other indoor tropicals that love a higher humidity level. 

Pet safe: Well I am safe to say they are pet friendly as their leaves are higher up, making it hard for pets to get to. My corgi has eaten several olive tree leaves and have lived to tell to tale :)

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