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Euphorbia Ingens Cactus Care

The Euphorbia Ingens is as seen in every Joshua tree home's. It's nickname is the cowboy cactus and good luck cactus, and believe it or not if you get the right lighting they make for a super simple and easy cactus/succulent to take care of.  You add this into any room and instant transformation into all your boho dreams. I love the euphorbia ingens so so much!  

Water: Water your euphorbia every two weeks in the summer time, but triple check that the soil is completely dry between each watering. When watering make sure the water is drainage through its growers nursery pot. The biggest killer of this beauty, is over watering resulting in root rot. During the winter do not water from Nov - March. If you feel the need to water at all, just the tiniest bit of water is needed once a month. They are dormant during these months, so let them have their beauty sleep! 

Light: What do cactuses love, light? Find a bright corner for your new cactus friend to live happily ever after. 

Humidity: Euphorbia Ingens will fit perfectly into the ordinary homes climate. They like it dry, so need for misting. 

Pet safe: Be really careful when handling your euphorbia. It is recommended to wear garden gloves when handling to protect yourself. Even the smallest amount of African milk from the tree is very toxic, it is white, latex sap can product painful irritation to the skin. Keep this plant out of reach from your pets! 

Comments (4)

  • Brlan on March 26, 2023

    Had plant 4years approx 4feet tall now going
    White at plant base it is hard there.
    Can you please tell me what’s wrong with this
    Euphoria lngens

  • Sue Murray on March 26, 2023

    Sounds like you have over watered him I’m afraid.l don’t water my cactus at all from October tillMarch. l would cut one of the brackets off that are without rot and place in a glass of water on a sunny window sill. They always take root and are then ready to plant. Good luck and best wishesx

  • Derek on March 26, 2023

    Hi Angie, I just happen to see you comme t while reading this article. If this posts up . I hope you see it before your old beauty dies. Yes cut it and try rooting it. Google propagation techniques for rooting these cactus 🌵 ❤ good luck

  • Angie Treasure on March 29, 2020

    Hi there
    My cowboy cactus is 30 years old. He is dying. Is it due to age. It looks like it is rotting from the bottoms and on some higher area of the plant. Can I cut a piece off and reroot a piece?

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