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How to Season Your Cutting Board

Our cutting boards were designed to layer! Made of solid maple, they are clean, simple and timeless to be used for years to come in your kitchen, and are all handmade in Canada. 

Maple cutting boards are the best choice for everyday use. It is a soft surface which is less harmful to your knives while retaining less bacteria on its surface in comparison to a plastic board. It’s also way cuter!

Maintenance is key when keeping your wooden cutting board looking good. Wood is naturally porous material therefore if left unprotected will absorb juice, color and odor from the food that is cut on it. Another consequence of not seasoning your board is moisture will build up warping and cracking the wood, in some instances it the board can even roat from the inside. Seasoning the cutting board before use can prevent all this.

The first time seasoning the board, make sure the board is extremely saturated with the oil then rub it in with a clean dish towel. After this step the board may look shiny and slick, allowing it to dry and absorb for five minutes. It is recommended that this process should be repeated two more times in order to ensure there are no thin unprotected areas.

The only maintenance needed after the initial seasoning is a thin coat of oil left overnight everytime the oil coating wears thin. Sharpening knives and seasoning wooden cutting boards monthly is recommended although if the board is only occasionally used two to three times a year may be sufficient.

When is the right time to season the cutting board again? When the board is properly seasoned water on its surface will bead up indicating there is still a good barrier. Over time water will look like it is about to absorb on the board's surface, that is a sign that it is time to oil your board once again.

Do your wooden cutting boards also often get scratched by knives? An easy way to get rid of them is a lightly hand sanding the boards surface. Use fine grit sandpaper made for wet and dry surfaces. The higher the number on the packaging of sandpaper the smoother the finish. 

Our team is here if you have any questions about your new cutting board!

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