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Everything you Need for your Holiday Tablescape

Holiday parties can get stressful quick. From planning the menu, to finding a date that works for all your friends and family. Putting together a well-styled tablescape can also add to the stress, from minimalists to maximalist, to traditional. There are infinite ways to style your table this holiday season. We’ve narrowed down a few of our favorites, to help you make your tablescape a success this holiday season! 


Porcelain Plates

During the holidays we love sticking to a timeless design that can be used for many dinners after the holidays. For this season we are pulling our cloud and sage green plates. 

Three Piece Cutlery Set

We cannot recommend our French Cutlery sets, they are all handmade in Paris and are dishwasher safe and look stunning on any tablescape. We expanded our line with adding teak and black! Looks of options, on pre-order right now with delivery before the holidays. 

Butter Knife 

It’s charcuterie season and the missing piece is always a butter and cheese knife to complete your board. We have the perfect pairings available in six colors. 

Ridged Glassware 

Eggnog lattes and spiked iced coffees, you are speaking our language. Our ridged glassware is perfect for all your hosting needs, and can be used the day after the party for your espressos and lattes. 

Olive Oil

Finishing the table with finishing olive oil and we also have European grade cooking oil as well. Our favorites our Graza’s Drizzle and Sizzle and Pineapple Collaborative's The Olive Oil. Both taste lovely and also make beautiful gifts. 

Sea Salt 

Products produced and made by women, is our love language. Its mild taste and medium grind size – between fine kosher salt and crunchy finishing salt – make The Salt a versatile addition to any pantry, enhancing the flavors of all your favorite dishes.

French Linen Napkins 

We always say napkins are the final touch to any tablescape. They are truly the most underrated item when setting a table, and when you add them your whole table is complete. We love our french linen napkins, they are made of 100% french flax linen, are washer and dryer safe and will stand the test of time. Add a pop of colour to your tablescape with blush or sage green or keep it neutral with our oatmeal shade. 

Floral Bouquet

You don’t need a big, elaborate arrangement to make a statement, a handful of florals with bud vases does the trick as well. Florals really add that dramatic element to your tablescape and we love supporting our local florists during the holiday seasons. 


Like the linen napkins, we always suggest adding a cotton or linen blend tablecloth to your tablescape. It elevates the look, while giving a nice soft touch of the fabric to soften the look. We have found amazing ones at H&M home.

Cutting Boards

Displaying your food is the final piece of the puzzle. We have five different styles of cutting boards small to large to fit whichever style of table you have. All handmade in Canada out of solid maple wood, these transition from whatever the style of tablescape you decide on, these are a beautiful neutral choice.

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