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Majesty Palm Plant Care

The majesty palm is the epitome of tropical. Adding a palm to any room in your house instantly transforms it. Simple, easy to care for will bring that tropical and green touch to your home. 

Water: The palm needs it's soil to be constantly moist. This is the key to keeping your majesty palm happy. Keep an eye thou to let the soil get soggy thou as this can cause root rot. Brown tips on your palm means under watered and yellow tips means over watering. 

Light: Palms can adapt to low light conditions in your home, making them an excellent versatile plant. You will have to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and it will fry your palm. 

Humidity: The palm does well in the average household indoor conditions, however they will appreciate a weekly misting! 

Pet safe: Non toxic for your fur babies! The #1 choice for pet safe plant. 

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