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Snake Plant (Sansevieria) Care

The snake plant instantly became one of my fav plants. The ease of care, their bright green leaves, and air purifying characteristics is a huge win in my books. I own two in my home, which you see in photos quite often. There are many varieties of the snake plant, the two that I love are the sansevieria trifasciata "black gold" and sansevieria trifasciata "moonshine."

Water: Do not over water your sansevieria, resulting in root rot which is the number one killer of this plant. They do not need much water, during the summer once every two weeks but only a bit of water and winter time you can cut water to once every month or month and half. 

Light: The snake plant can do well in low to moderate light. Think of shopping malls, what is the number one plant that you always see in the indoor planters, snake plants! 

Humidity: The snake plant doesn't require any extra humidity! 

Pet safe: Mild for toxicity! 

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