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Monstera Plant Care

The Monstera Deliciosa plant is hands down a statement plant. If you are really looking for an indoor jungle, this should be number one on your list to add to your home. Their iconic spilt leaves are so freaking pretty and with their ability for easy growth, they really add character to any room they are added to. I love that their nickname, is the swiss cheese plant, because it describes them so so well.

Water: During the Spring and Summer months, set up your monstera on a regular watering schedule. Water when the top quarter-to-third of the soil feels dry to the touch. Make sure to keep the leaves clean to allow for photosynthesis to happen. During the winter months, when your monstera is dormant, allow the soil to dry in between waterings. The Monstera does have the characteristic of being drought tolerant, for that you can keep a piece of mind if you do forgot to water! Heads up, if your water has a high salt count, then you are at risk of yours leaves turning brown. In this case, simply place vase outside, collect rain water and use that for your waterings. 

Light: Monstera does well in medium light. Meaning they are great for mostly any light in your home! They can tolerate low light. They will however grow faster is place in a spot that has bright indirect light. Do avoid bright direct light, as it will burn their leaves.

Humidity: The Monstera does prefer high humidity, but will thrive in standard indoor temperatures. 

General Care: The Monstera is a natural climber in their natural habitat. They use their aerial roots to cling onto large trees. For indoor, what you can do is in the soil put a moss covered support stick to allow it to grow vertically. 

Pet safe: The Monstera Deliciosa is mildly toxic for dogs and cats, if consumed. 

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