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Small Business Holiday Round Up

It’s our favorite time of the year to highlight our absolute favourite small businesses products that are tried and tested by the Hudson and Oak team. Every single one of these small businesses are not only women founded but also Canadian owned too! Any of the items make a beautiful and thoughtful gift!

Ativo Milk Bath Soak

It’s bath season and Ativo’s milk bath soak is the perfect stocking stuffer. It’s a luxury coconut milk bath soak safe for adults and children and it seriously smells devine. You feel so so soft after using this!

Salty Face Tanner

I have tried multiple face tanners to give some life to my face in the dead of winter! Salty Face tanning water does the trick, it doesn’t transfer and builds into a beautiful even tan. Personally I went with medium-dark shade and it’s perfect! They have amazing bundles and their body tanner is so beautiful as well.

Chelsea King Atelier Clip

I wear my hair up 80% of the time and hair clips have saved my hair, allowing it to grow long and healthy! I am obsessed with the damas french volume clip from Chelsea King. It’s the perfect size for my medium length hair. All of their clips are handmade in France and the quality of these you guys is unmatched!

MIFA Eucalyptus Wash 

This wash is luxury!!!! Formulated with the highest quality organic ingredients, Mifa’s 100% natural Eucalyptus Coco Body Wash creates a rich, luxurious lather that cleanses and moisturizes, leaving you feeling like you just left the spa. Use this and put a candle on and you’re good to go!

Made by Mira Smiley Face Bracelet 

Maid by Mira is a women-owned all handmade jewelry out of Kelowna! Mira recently launched her charm shop and they are so fun to add to your bracelet stack! They are completely customizable which is amazing!

Azur Fit High Waisted Pants 

Azur Fit is a women-owned fitness lifestyle brand based out of Toronto! I was always a Lululemon align pant girl, and decided to try out Azur’s high waisted leggings as I’ve seen her amazing try-ons on TikTok! Honestly I love their high waisted leggings! Come in amazing colors and I paired it with their quarter zip, chefs kiss.

Valley Common Wines 2020 Garden Society 

Valley Common Wines is a locally owned wine shop in Fort Langley and in Osoyoos! We’ve had the pleasure of trying some of their wines this fall and they are lovely! Wine is always an amazing gift choice and perfect for all the holiday get-togethers!

Joy Kinna Print 

This year I took the time to really invest and fill my empty walls in my home. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joy Kinna in the past and have witnessed her brand grow insanely in the past year! Joy launched her prints this year and for any home decor lover this is the perfect gift! I have Joy’s art in my very own home and nothing compares!

Raquel Rosalie Snake earrings 

Raquel Rosalie makes my favorite solid gold earrings! I feature a set of her solid gold earrings every year because the quality is unmatched and since they are solid gold I keep them in 24/7, zero tarnishing. I highly highly recommend checking out her earring collection!

Golden August Trousers

Golden August clothing line has seriously killed it this year! They have won over my heart with their summer 100% linen shorts, I wore them all summer long. They recently launched some new items for fall and winter and these trousers are stunning! All handmade in Vancouver.

Barbet Sparkling Waters 

Barbet is a Toronto owned brand that would make such a fun gift paired with our ridged glassware! Each flavor is fresh and refreshing, bold but easy drinking. You have to try them for yourself and you will be hooked. 

Bites Chocolates

I cannot stop raving about Bites Chocolates. They are the creamiest oat milk chocolate bars I have ever tasted, and I promise you will get seriously addicted to them. My two favourites are cookies and cream and she’s nutty!

Annagail Elia Cotton Knit

Annagail came out with the cutest fall clothes! I stocked up on multiple items and the quality you guys is so so good! One of my favorites is the Elia Cotton knit, it’s made out of 100% cotton and it is the perfect oversized with a unique rolled neckline.




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