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Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Care

When I first laid my eyes on a fiddle leaf fig, I was in legit shock. The detail on each and every leaf is absolutely incredible and so delicate. What I love most about the fiddle leaf, is how they can change any room that they are placed in. Their aesthetic makes them my favourite plant to style with in clients' homes. They are hands-down showstoppers and statement plants. You seriously can't go wrong, well you can go wrong (insert freak out). They are known to be finicky, and difficult. But no worries, we gotchu here are the top tips and tricks for having a happy and healthy fiddle! 

Water: Only water them when the top 2 inches are dry. However, fiddles like to completely dry out in between waterings. Be super careful to not overwater your fiddle. Fiddles like to be root bound, this means super tight around their roots. To make sure you can achieve this, we always recommend keeping them in their plastic nursery pot and placing them in your Hudson + Oak planter. We love this method because it allows you to easily remove your fiddle and bring them to the shower for their bath time. Turn on the shower and allow the water to run for 30 seconds to a minute. This helps so so much with their much needed humidity and allows the watering to throughly drain in their plastic nursery pot. Allow to drain and then place back in your Hudson + Oak planter, voila happy fiddle! 

Light: They thrive best in bright indirect light. What the heck does that mean? This spot in your home is usually south facing or west facing. No light directly on their leaves, because they can burn them! Right beside a window but not directly in it. They hate drafts, so keep your fiddle away from you heat vents, as the dry hot/warm air will kill them! Don't forget to rotate your fiddle once a month to ensure proper light for all of their leaves! Another tip: once a month wipe your leaves off once a month from the dust collected. This ensures proper photosynthesis for your fiddle (science). You can do this with mild dish soap and a damp cloth/paper towel.

Humidity: Fiddles love humidity. To ensure you are helping them as much as possible, keep bringing them in for bath time as mentioned about, once a week is recommended. 

More Tips: If you are experiencing red dots on your leaves, this results in your fiddle drinking it's water way too fast. This can be prevented by slowing your pour and with the shower technique of allowing the water to trickle slowing to their roots. Have brown spots? This in result of under watering or not enough light. Last common problem, is yellow leaves. This is in result of overwatering.  

Pet safe: Yes, the most popular indoor plant is poisonous to dogs and cats. The fiddle-leaf fig, if ingested by your pet, can cause oral irritation, vomiting, and difficulty swallowing. However, I know my pug has bit one of my fallen leaves one time and he has lived to tell the tale :) 

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