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Rather stay home? We got you

Staycation Starts Now

With our passion for designing home goods, we wanted to create something more personal. For the modern homebodies with a seamless blend comfort and style. In this club we celebrate the love of staying in.

All Members Welcome

There should be no compromise over sustainability for the sake of comfort which is why all of our items are responsibly sourced and made in Canada using 100% recycled cotton.

We understand that our love for our homes should align with our love for the planet we live on, which is why we've carefully selected and responsibly sourced all items, ensuring that each piece contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

If you are someone who embraces the calm and serenity of being home - whatever that looks like - this collection is for you.

At the Homebody Club our mission is to celebrate the love of staying in. We embrace the slow moments and the importance of self - care; lighting a candle and kicking back. Thoughtfully designed, we’ve created these high quality products to align with the homebody lifestyle. Made with love by Hudson and Oak.

You know we had to make a playlist.

Homebody Club Playlist

We put together some of our favourites for whatever being a homebody looks like to you.