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Our classic round planter has volume and curve, with a soft matte finish it will bring an architectural element to your home. Our favourite plant pairing - snake plant.






Our mission is to create products that celebrate those slow moments at home. 


Our planters are lovingly hand painted in Vancouver. Each planter is painted to order using water-based paint. Due to the artisanal painting of our planters, this allows slight variations in each piece, while retaining consistency in size. 

Material + Info

Our planters are not made of the traditional terracotta/clay/ceramic material. We sourced a custom fibreglass compound that is the same material used in components of cars, kayaks and boats, hence why they are lightweight. We chose this material because of its characteristics of being durable (rated for -20 C/-4 F), its nonporous properties and it being overall a high-quality material. Our planters are thick-walled and finished in outdoor durable paint, so they can used both outdoors and indoors. 


Internal -  13.25" d x 13.25" w x 10" h
External - 15" d x 15" w x 12" h

The signature round planter that started it all. This product has taken us from launch day to now being one of our bestsellers. Let us compliment your space. Our mission is to create products that celebrate those slow moments at home. From our hand-painted planters to our modern stackable tableware, we want every room in your home to feel cohesive. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
francine wiwchar

I purchased this planter this summer and it is beautiful! This is my 6th planter for my home. While some of the designs have changed over the years, I am happy to say that the quality stays the same - Superb! I can't wait to add to my collection!

Heidi Spinka
Love this planter, exactly what I expected...

Love this planter, exactly what I expected!

Electrotouch Douglas
'5 stars review from Electrotouch'

'5 stars review from Electrotouch'

Kathy Toy
Very delightful people, great customer ser...

Very delightful people, great customer service, love the personalized note inside.
The actual plant pot is beautiful, can't wait to repot my Christmas cactus after blooming season is over! Unfortunately it took 3 months to arrive…

I will order from them in the future! Thank you

Kathy L
Kelowna BC

Lzreed Fay
Well made and easy to move with the lightn...

Well made and easy to move with the lightness of the material.

We design home goods that are minimalistic with functional features that will last in your home for many years to come. We are mindful about what we place in our homes, it must have a purpose and place, and that exact thought process is put into each and every product we design. Hudson and Oak is a women owned business based outside of Vancouver. Our home is our haven, surrounded by the forests, ocean, surf and snow. We design home goods that accompany the cozy indoors after those long days outside.