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1 percent

1% for the planet

1% of our time to volunteer

1% of profits to local non profits

Growing up on the West Coast surrounded by clear lakes, pristine rivers, valleys of mountains, and all the other beauties of the Pacific coast, I learned very quickly that we must keep these waterways clean, healthy and abundant in order for them to play such a vital source for sustaining life. I am a big believer in doing business for a purpose and even though we are a small business in the large scheme of things, every part of the $10, $20, $30+ dollars donations count.

Here is my philosophy: Imagine for a second if every business big or small in the world donated 1% of their profits and employee’s time to a meaningful cause outside of their organization...

At Hudson + Oak we are advocates for our planet. We are proud to work with local non-profits that are making a change for the good for our planet and the animals. Our contributions both monetary and volunteer-based align with our business contribution as well as our everyday lifestyle decisions. We make these decisions for the environment, animal welfare and for our health. We see it all full circle with every decision we make in our business and personal life counting towards the greater good of our planet for future generations.

At the end of the day when you know better, you do better.