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Our Favourite Interior Design Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are a great way to elevate your home’s interior. The subject matter of a coffee table book can range from architecture and design to a large variety of other topics. Due to their array of content this also makes them a marvellous classic gift. We rounded up a few of our favorites to give you plenty of options for every taste. 


Wabi-sabi is a traditional Japanese aesthetic centered around the briefness of life and the beauty of its imperfections. It is not a style but a concept. Within Wabi-Sabi Home, the interiors chosen from all around the world are featuring weathered and aged items that are treasured and modest. These pieces create a homey classic feel to a room, creating a sense of nostalgia. 

Separated into five sections each focusing on a different aspect of Wabi-Sabi; textiles, textures, colors, handmade pieces, and collections. Each section focuses on one aspect and examines how best to incorporate each element into a room.

Surf Shacks

Enclosed are photographs, illustrations and articles. Surf Shacks exposes the more unknown aspect of surfing. Many might say that surfing is their life, their home and where they feel most comfortable. Surf Shack presents a surfer's life in and out of the waves. There may be a preconceived notion of what a surf shack can be. Featured in Surf Shacks are homes that are located in the middle of New York to small Hawaiian huts. The term surf shack embodies the creativity and innovation of surfers and their home. Through each home the reader is able to glimpse a more personal side to surfing and what it represents.

Ultimate Wonder Plants

Enclosed in Ultimate Wonder Plants is a beautiful blend of gorgeous interiors and plants from around the world. Not only does it feature beautiful homes but also provides tips and a plant section. Ultimate Wonder Plants will help guide you as you add more green to your home. 

Home Farm Cooking

Home Farm is a family owned farm nestled in the English countryside. The home was constructed to unite their family and create a sanctuary. Home Farm features beautiful photography of the home and homemade recipes, a perfect guide to making your house a home. It is the perfect gift to give as a house warming present or to a friend who loves to cook.

Made for Living

Providing advice on interior decor such as color palette, patterns, and pillows. This book will help to elevate your home's interior giving it a classic timeless look. Rather than buy new pieces this book will help to transform your home with items you already own.

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